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Royal Wulff Fluorocarbon Tippets and GelSpun Backing
You demand the best quality available and Royal Wulff delivers exactly that with these two compliments to the essentials that you will need on the water.  The fluorocarbon tippets have a unique structure and the GelSpun backing is as good as it gets!

Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Fly Fishing Essentials

Royal Wulff Fluorocarbon Tippet            Click to enlarge view 
Royal Wulff Fluorocarbon Tippet Material

This is an ultra-clear and ultra-thin diameter 100% fluorocarbon that has a uniquely designed multi-directional polymer structure providing reinforced strength for your fly tying knots. IGFA class 30 yard spools with line minder in the following sizes:
Size 2X 3X 4X 5X 6X
Diameter (Inches) .009 .008 .007 .006 .005
Tested (Pounds) 12 9 7 5 3.5

 $12.50 includes GST and post inside Australia

Royal Wulff Gelspun Backing            Click to enlarge view  
Royal Wulff GSP Fly Line Backing

Royal Wulff GSP (Gel Spun Poly) ultra-thin backing gives you more capacity on your reel and will not deteriorate like dacron or other backing lines.  Available in 30lb. and 50lb. test in a variety of spool sizes.  Please note:  We do offer larger spools in 600 yard, 1200 yard and 2500 yard upon request.  Please contact us for pricing.

 300 yd. / 30lb.  $50.00 includes GST and post in Australia 

 300 yd. / 50lb.- $62.50 includes GST and post in Australia

Royal Wulff Fly Line Dressing            Click to enlarge view  
Royal Wulff Fly Line Dressing

Royal Wulff Line Dressing can be used to clean and condition both floating and sinking fly lines and can be applied even over wet fly lines.  This can be used immediately after application. however for the best results apply and allow to stand for several hours or overnight.  This has been formulated as an ideal match with the Royal Wulff J3 coated fly lines which require minimal reasonable maintenance, however is suited to any quality fly line on the market today.

  Ounce bottle - $9.95 includes GST and post in Australia

Royal Wulff Triangle Taper Tippet and Backing - Volume or Larger Spool Purchases

We stock what we have listed here, however you may wish to take advantage of making multiple purchases such as a 10 spool box of tippet material (can be mixed) or the larger spools of the GSP Fly Line Backing.  Please contact us for price details and discounts are available for multiple and/or larger purchases.  Normal delivery time is one week from payment. 


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