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Derek McKenzie Fly Fishing Outfitters has a long heritage in the sport of fly fishing.  For us, it is not just a sport or hobby, but more of a lifestyle.  That's why we will offer you, our fellow fly anglers, uncompromising quality and a no nonsense approach to our guarantees.  We have carefully selected our gear as we fish with  it too so fish hard, your covered and that's guaranteed!

Derek McKenzie Fly Fishing Outfitters

We began in our business nearly two decades ago in Oregon in the USA, home to some of the most amazing fishing you will ever have the pleasure to experience.  Our passion for this sport, along with wanting to see others enjoy it as much as we do, moved us on to begin our business in quality fly fishing rods, reels and gear.  We know too that quality and value are not always easy to find in one place and thus we began our journey.  Melbourne has been our home now for the last decade.  We are proud to be an Australian business and part of the fly fishing community in Australia and New Zealand!

We believe that quality is not always measured by a high price tag or guaranteed by a label.  We will continue to work toward the goal of offering you what we know are world class fly rods, fly reels and fly fishing gear at affordable prices. And you will find that our line of gear offers some of the best guarantees around with no nonsense and no hidden surprises.

We Are Known By The Company We Keep

We are very proud to know the owners of the companies that we work with both as a friends and a true partners in the success of our business. We look for companies that are growing and share the same passion that we have for this sport.  They will all have things in common like the goal of offering high end performance along with great customer service and at a fair price.  We believe they accomplish this and proud to part of the innovation and evolution of this company.

These companies produce a series of fly rods and gear that are crafted from some of the finest components available in the world todayThe line up includes quality graphite freshwater and saltwater fly rods using proprietary technology. There are simply no shortcuts to delivering quality.  There are a lot of high end rod manufacturers that mass produce very expensive fly rods, often telling you what you should want or selling you on what you what you need.  My friends and I are out to change the way they do business.  Very simply, we will listen to you, the fly anglers to do our best to offer what you need and want.

Our Guarantees and Service

All fly rods and reels offered are covered by a lifetime warranty for the original owner.  Each should be registered and we ask that you retain your proof of purchase original ownership should you need our help with warranty services.  These companies will cover any defects in materials or workmanship unconditionally usually for no more than the cost of postage.  Accidental breaks may incur a fee or $50US plus postage.  We have also made arrangements to offer authorized repair work to be completed here in Australia whenever possible for your convenience or can loan gear if needed in an emergency.

We prefer to look after you and deal directly with these companies on your behalf whenever possible.  Please contact us directly first so that we may assist you should the need arise and we will always work to resolve any issues that may arise.

Derek McKenzie warrantees the Signature label products with a lifetime original owner warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.  If there is a problem with a reel, repairs will not exceed $50 plus postage.  We do reserve the right to replace any item with one of equal or greater value should a product or model be changed.  Further, we will help with the warrantees of any trademarked products that we offer both currently and prior to any changes in our products.   

Please note that both Derek McKenzie and the companies we work with will honour our warranties in the course of the normal pursuit of fly fishing throughout your lifetime.  Unfortunately, we will not always cover misuse or accidental negligence when using our products.  We will consider these on a case by case basis and may be able to helpDeliberate  misuse of any product offered is not covered nor do we or the manufacturers assume any liability for the consequences.

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