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Featuring custom crafted freshwater fly rods, saltwater fly rods and Switch Fly Rods for the discerning fly angler.  Match these with our line of fly reels and fly fishing accessories and you have a winning combination of quality, performance and value.  If you take your fly fishing seriously, you have come to the right place.

Derek McKenzie Fly Fishing Outfitters FAQs

Throughout our site we've referenced some very interesting third-party reviews that we believe were conducted on a best case basis to give you, the fly fisher, some honest facts and opinions.  We hope you'll take time to read them and if you have any questions, please do drop a note directly to those that have written them as they are happy to answer your questions.

Informative Articles and FAQs

Here you will find articles and information about everything from how to speed up your fly tying to the best way to use a furled leader.  Many of these articles are by the folks that manufacture the gear or own the company.  We have added a couple of our own and hope you find them helpful.
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