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Featuring custom crafted freshwater fly rods, saltwater fly rods and Switch Fly Rods for the discerning fly angler.  Match these with our line of fly reels and fly fishing accessories and you have a winning combination of quality, performance and value.  If you take your fly fishing seriously, you have come to the right place.

Derek McKenzie Fly Fishing Outfitters "Try Before You Buy" Offer

Mystic Fly Rods are hand crafted for each of our clients, one rod at a time and not massed produced. We believe this is a good thing and gives our clients the best possible fly rod available.  The majority of our fly rods are purchased from us directly.  Most of our sales are generated via word of mouth from very satisfied users and of course through many of the fine reviews that we are now getting in several Australian fly fishing publications. For us, this is perhaps the highest of compliments...our clients and friends like what we do and enjoy using our quality fly rods.

Many of our new customers are happy with that along with our reputation for quality and service.  They will simply talk to us, decide on which rod is most suitable and purchase a new fly rod directly.  As a custom rod building company, this is a good thing in that allows us to build custom crafted rods to the highest standards available for our customers. However, we do also fully realize that many anglers would prefer to test rod before purchasing expensive fishing equipment on blind faith alone.  

At Derek McKenzie, we do stock a cross section of most of the rods that are available from Mystic Fly Rods and do have these available for you field test if you are here in Melbourne or we are happy to extend this offer further by sending a demo rod to you to test anywhere in Australia. The rod may not be the exact weight or the rod that you would choose for yourself, but you will be able to go hands-on and experience the quality and feel of these fine fly rods with our field test offer.  Here is how our field test and evaluation program works for you:

New to our business or general interest inquiries?

If you are new to us or someone that we have not done business with in the past, we are happy to send a demo model rod to you.  Generally will ask that before we send a rod out, you would provide us with a valid credit card number as a security hold.  We will not charge you for the demo rod unless it is not returned within an agreed time period that we will discuss in advance based on where you live in Australia.  We would also ask that you pay return post on these items.  Generally we have found that this will be no more than two weeks so that you can have a chance to thoroughly test these.  If you then decide to purchase a fly rod from us, we will further arrange for your own custom rod to be made to meet your specific needs and in the length, weight and model of your choice. We have done this on many occasions and our friends and clients find this very suitable, fair and highly appreciated.  Most do decide to purchase their own rod.

Already made other purchases from us?

You are perhaps the most important part of our business and certainly, by the time you have purchased a fly rod or other gear from us, there is a good chance we have gotten to know you fairly well.  We are happy to send out demo rods or other gear for you to try and evaluate for us, particularly new offerings in the range.  Often it is your feedback that helps us build better fly rods.  This helps us to keep constantly changing and improving the way we do business, design our fly rods and reels.  Most of all, it give us the chance to listen to you, the fly angler.  In this case, we will generally send out a demo based on our existing relationship with you and would only ask that you pay the post costs on return with the same agreed to time limit on the demo of two weeks.

What are the post costs and return policy?

We are very confident in what we do and how we do it so we are happy to pay the cost of sending a demo rod out for you to try.  Most of the time, the people that try our rods become clients of our business.  If you ask us to send several demo rods, we may ask that you pay part of the cost.  When you do return a demo rod, we will ask that you pay for the cost of return shipment.  However, if you then purchase a rod from us, we are happy to credit this cost as part of your purchase price.  Too, we do ask that you take good care of our demo rods and will expect the rods to be returned to us in the same condition as when it was sent to you.  Should the rod be damaged or appear to have been abused or used carelessly, we will expect that you cover the cost of the demo rod at full price.

What to do next?

Simply drop us a note or give us a call!  We are happy to help you go hands on with what we believe are one of the finest fly rods available on the market today.  And if you would like to try out other gear simply let us know.  We do have reels and certain demo lines that you may get from us with the same policy applying accordingly.  Again our thanks!

Derek McKenzie | Box Hill South Melbourne Australia | Mobile Phone 0414.403.687

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